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BAT, levitating computer mouse by Vadim Kibardin

Vadim Kibardin

Eroded Stools by Alessandro Isola and Supriya Mankad

Alessandro Isola and Supiya Mankad

I M Lab 

Gentle Breeze or the transformation of a static web site to an online business

I am very excited and want to share with you the launch of an e-commerce site for Gentle Breeze, the Hot Air Ballon company that flies all over the greater Cincinnati area. 

Brian Trapp and Laurie Givin, owners of Gentle Breeze, commented:  "Maria has done a wonderful job for us! ... She's taken the time to read or hear what we say we want, think about it, analyze it and come back to us with a solution! This is a refreshing experience... Wonderful job!" 

Gentle Breeze initially approached De Novo Dezign to create a 5 page, static, brochure type web site for their business. Over the past two years their web site has expanded to include detailed information about their fleet, flying and ballooning. More importantly we added extra functions to facilitate their day to day work and their marketing effort to expand their business, including social media interaction.

The last addition, to what now is a complete on line business, is their shopping cart where exclusive or group rides to metro flights and wedding flights are offered.

Other than the shopping cart the web site enjoys a Content Management System (CMS), complete customer database, e-mail marketing/newsletter and a blog.

Take a look at the cool design and who knows you may want to try a ride!

Day One Journal app

I came across Day One Journal and loved it. According to the creator's web site It is the easiest to use journal / diary / text logging application for the Mac and it is also the best looking. 

Day One is designed and focused to encourage you to write more. Using the Menu Bar quick entry, Reminder system, Calendar view and inspirational messages your memories and thoughts will be preserved. iCloud or Dropbox sync allows easy backup and syncing with the Day One iPhone and iPad applications.

Mac Feature List

  • iCloud and Dropbox sync to iPhone and iPad
  • Quick Entry via the Menu Bar
  • Password Protection
  • Calendar View
  • Export
  • Inspirational Messages
  • Reminder System
  • Search
  • System Hot-key Shortcut
  • Starred Entries List
  • Command Line Interface
  • Multi-Markdown Support

More to come

  • Tags / Categories
  • Photo Attachments
  • Encryption
  • Location Data

"The F-Word: Famine Is The Real Obscenity" TV spot

Created by Wondros, the star-studded 60 second PSA for ONE,  gives a verbal middle finger to famine. An endless group of stars implore the public to sign a petition calling on world leaders to end famine in Africa and conclude: We’re not asking for your money. We’re asking for your voice.

ONE is an advocacy and campaigning organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa.

409 feet of love, fear, hope and Altitude

Altitude, a creative agency in San Francisco, was invited to design a 400-foot section of the construction barrier mural surrounding the new UCSF Medical Center campus in Mission Bay. Messages of uncertainty, strength, and hope from patients journal entries engage audiences up close, and at a distance, to help shed light on the experience of being young and in a hospital.

What they did is really inspiring.

AltitudeUCSF Medical Center

Great British Chefs identity and app

London’s hat-trick design created the identity and iPhone and iPad apps for Great British Chefs—which brings together and champions some of the best chefs in Britain. Enjoy!

TUI Weather Spot by Lucas Zanotto

TUI Weather Spot from Lucas Zanotto on Vimeo.

De Novo's latest web site launch: Mt. Sterling Pediatrics

We love our new website!  De Novo Dezign and Maria did a fabulous job creating just what we wanted.  Our website is vivid, easy to navigate, and very informative.  Maria was extremely easy to work with.  She was responsive to our needs and suggestions and was diligent in completing the website.  We are very happy with the entire process as well as the end result.  Thanks so much De Novo Dezign! 

... said Dr, Brandy Fouch who founded the practice in 2009 in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. Together with Shasta Kessler, the pediatric nurse practitioner and the other staff of the practice they resonate enthusiasm and positive energy. We brainstormed with Dr. Fouch and listened carefully at the message she needed to convey through the site. We also analyzed her client's needs when visiting and navigating through the site and more importantly the tasks they would perform once in the site.

The web site's main goal is to inform about the practice and its policies but also to educate people on child related issues. Moreover, it was important to express  the enthusiasm and passion that Mt. Sterling Pediatrics is standing for. 

In order to achieve the goals set, the site,  at the front end, makes available a breadth of information related both to the practice and to children's health. 

  • Using a  clean, easy to navigate layout that makes information easy to find. 
  • Using a search option in all pages for quick search of information.
  • Repeating useful information such as address, map, telephone numbers and other emergency numbers in every page so that clients do not have to search for them in case of an emergency. 
  • Under quick links the fever control link  includes detailed tables of Motrin and Tylenol dosages and other fever related information.
  • Under "my sick child" and "parent resources" a variety of downloadable files and links to other web sites related to anything a parent with young kids can look for is made available.
  • The site provides all the information related to Dr. Fouch and her staff, the practice policies and downloadable forms that patients can prepare in advance.
  • It also uses playful, vibrant colors reminiscent of the practice's interior design.
  • A clean, modern, easy to read typeface and minimum ornamentation add to the playful design without intervening with the site's functionality.
  • At the back end the Mt Sterling Pediatrics web site is using an easy to use Content Management System for quick updates, web analytics and e-mail marketing for sending newsletters and other useful e-mails.

    You can take a look at the Mt. Sterling Pediatrics web site here.


Admiring and super sweet. Don't rush it, see it until the end. Love it!

And the inspiring story behind it.

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