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BAT, levitating computer mouse by Vadim Kibardin

Vadim Kibardin

The Bunkie

The Bunkie Co

Hearth Heated Outdoor Lounge

Covell and Jones

Eroded Stools by Alessandro Isola and Supriya Mankad

Alessandro Isola and Supiya Mankad

I M Lab 

Typographic Furniture

"In typography we deal with questions of readability and artistic expression.  the same, often opposed aspects are much more obvious in furniture design.  our ass tells us which type of chair feels comfortable and our eyes what looks exciting. each student build one letter of the alphabet as a more or less functional piece of furniture or household item. Beside the exploration of letter shapes it was important to explore the college workshops and different production processes. all too often typography is reduced to the screen and printed paper. the course project was followed by a small exhibition of the complete furniture alphabet in a düsseldorf gallery."

 -- Holger Jacobs, communications design teacher at the University of Applied Science in Düsseldorf 

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Jens Praet shredded collection

Jens Praet is a Belgian designer living in Panzano in Chianti, Italy. Praet studied industrial design in Florence, Italy.  According to his web site Jens has a strong passion for everyday objects, honest materials, finding inspiration in unexpected details and daily issues which often become the starting point in developing a new concept.

In his project "shredded collection" Jens is using shredded paper ranging from office documents to old magazines and mixes them with resin before turning them to furniture using a mold.

The collection is rich in shapes. There is a "shredded" table 

shredded bench, sturdy enough to support 2 adults

shredded shelve, made of 4 kilos of magazines can support 50 kilos

... and more.

His work is represented in Industry Gallery (Washington DC) and PlusDesign Gallery (Milano)

To find out more about Jens Praet visit his website

Domino Clock

Created by Carbon Design Group the domino clock reinvents a popular game by turning it to an everyday object.

Find out the engineering behind Domino Clock at Carbon's website.

Dai Haifei's Mobile Egg House

Acting on an impulse familiar to many young people these days, 
Dai Haifei, a 24-year-old architect in Beijing, said to hell with high rents, and built himself a house. The six-foot-tall, solar-powered, egg-shaped abode is made of bamboo, wood and grass seed, and fits easily on a sidewalk. "The seeds will grow in the natural environment and it's cold-proof," Dai told China Daily. He then added that it's "a bit cold sometimes." Whatever. It's rent-free, dude! 
Read more at switched

Vac from the Sea

Electrolux spent several months to create Vac from the Sea, a vacuum cleaner built from plastic bottles found at the bottom of the ocean. The five models carry the names of the oceans where plastic originates. From left to right: North Sea Edition, Indian Ocean Edtion, Mediterranean Sea Edition, Pacific Ocean Edition, Baltic Sea Edition.

Although not available for sale, the vacuum cleaners are fully functional and use the same structure and technology of the Electrolux Ultra One Green-model. Electrolux partnered with many organizations and people engaged in the issue to collect the plastic from the ocean. One of the striking statistics is that although there is a shortage of recycled plastic on land there is plenty of plastic waste in the sea.

Watch the video or visit the Electrolux web site to find out more and see amazing pictures of the process.


Citrange or Vive le design Belge!

Vive le design Belge!

Designed by Belgian designer Quentin de Coster, citrange is an smart, dual-sided citrus squeezer. It's easy to use, it's innovative and just plain beautiful!

Citrange is made out of dishwasher-safe polypropylene and adapts to various sizes and diameters of citrus fruit. 

And here is how it works: Just put it on your glass and squeeze your fruit. You can use both sides depending on the type of citrus you are squeezing.

The central axis funnels the juice to the glass while filtering the seeds. 

Genial non? Or genius don't you think?

Quentin de Coster is a young Belgian designer born in Liege in 1990. He studied industrial design at the ESA Saint Luc Liege in 2008. In 2010, Quentin left Belgium to live and study in Milano. His projects are characterized by a simple shape related to an obvious exploitation of materials, humour and  sometimes cynicism.

Find out more about Quentin De Coster on his website

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