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Juan Enriquez, Your online life, permanent as a tattoo

"Slow Tech" by Joe Kraus

Sleeping around: a unique concept

Sleeping around

"The F-Word: Famine Is The Real Obscenity" TV spot

Created by Wondros, the star-studded 60 second PSA for ONE,  gives a verbal middle finger to famine. An endless group of stars implore the public to sign a petition calling on world leaders to end famine in Africa and conclude: We’re not asking for your money. We’re asking for your voice.

ONE is an advocacy and campaigning organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa.

409 feet of love, fear, hope and Altitude

Altitude, a creative agency in San Francisco, was invited to design a 400-foot section of the construction barrier mural surrounding the new UCSF Medical Center campus in Mission Bay. Messages of uncertainty, strength, and hope from patients journal entries engage audiences up close, and at a distance, to help shed light on the experience of being young and in a hospital.

What they did is really inspiring.

AltitudeUCSF Medical Center

Steve Jobs on how to live before you die

Without any comment.


Admiring and super sweet. Don't rush it, see it until the end. Love it!

And the inspiring story behind it.

Dai Haifei's Mobile Egg House

Acting on an impulse familiar to many young people these days, 
Dai Haifei, a 24-year-old architect in Beijing, said to hell with high rents, and built himself a house. The six-foot-tall, solar-powered, egg-shaped abode is made of bamboo, wood and grass seed, and fits easily on a sidewalk. "The seeds will grow in the natural environment and it's cold-proof," Dai told China Daily. He then added that it's "a bit cold sometimes." Whatever. It's rent-free, dude! 
Read more at switched

Vac from the Sea

Electrolux spent several months to create Vac from the Sea, a vacuum cleaner built from plastic bottles found at the bottom of the ocean. The five models carry the names of the oceans where plastic originates. From left to right: North Sea Edition, Indian Ocean Edtion, Mediterranean Sea Edition, Pacific Ocean Edition, Baltic Sea Edition.

Although not available for sale, the vacuum cleaners are fully functional and use the same structure and technology of the Electrolux Ultra One Green-model. Electrolux partnered with many organizations and people engaged in the issue to collect the plastic from the ocean. One of the striking statistics is that although there is a shortage of recycled plastic on land there is plenty of plastic waste in the sea.

Watch the video or visit the Electrolux web site to find out more and see amazing pictures of the process.


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