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Color Matters

Maria Kalomenidou - Monday, May 03, 2010

Color is one of the most important forms of non-verbal communication and a tool to create a mood or rapidly convey a message. In fact color is one of the most important arsenals in marketing and design in order to attract the consumer's eye, create an impression, convey a message and ultimately make a sale. At the minimum create enough interest about a product or service.

Humans react to color in an unconscious way as color stimulates our senses and sends messages to our brain suggesting specific feelings. The power of color is visible around us in logos, advertising, signage, billboards, packaging, websites, blogs even cell phones and MP3 players.

Statistics demonstrate the importance and power of color. Humans spend approximately .03 seconds looking at a package while walking in the aisles of a store. At that time a product must attract our eye, make clear what the product is about while at the same time appeal to our aesthetics and create the curiosity to look at it closely.

To show the importance of color here is a list of human responses just for RED:

Bright Red: Exciting, Energizing, Hot, Dynamic, Stimulating, Provocative, Aggressive, Powerful

Bright Pink: Exciting, Happy, Hot, Energetic, Youthful, Spirited, Fun, Trendy, Wild

Light Pink: Romantic, Soft, Sweet, Tender, Cute, Babies, Delicate

Dusty Pink: Soft, Cozy, Subtle

Mauve: Soft, Subdued, Quiet, Sentimental

Burgundy: Rich, Elegant, Refined, Tasty, Expensive, Mature

Fuchsia: Bright, Exciting, Fun, Hot, High Energy

Brick Red: Earthy, Strong, Warm Country

Terra-cotta: Earth, Warm, Wholesome, Country, Welcoming

And you? How do you use color to help your business grow? Next time you will have a promotional material designed or a logo redesign or a new website think about color and discuss it with your designer.

Invest in the well being of your own business. Trust a professional designer.

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