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Citrange or Vive le design Belge!

Vive le design Belge!

Designed by Belgian designer Quentin de Coster, citrange is an smart, dual-sided citrus squeezer. It's easy to use, it's innovative and just plain beautiful!

Citrange is made out of dishwasher-safe polypropylene and adapts to various sizes and diameters of citrus fruit. 

And here is how it works: Just put it on your glass and squeeze your fruit. You can use both sides depending on the type of citrus you are squeezing.

The central axis funnels the juice to the glass while filtering the seeds. 

Genial non? Or genius don't you think?

Quentin de Coster is a young Belgian designer born in Liege in 1990. He studied industrial design at the ESA Saint Luc Liege in 2008. In 2010, Quentin left Belgium to live and study in Milano. His projects are characterized by a simple shape related to an obvious exploitation of materials, humour and  sometimes cynicism.

Find out more about Quentin De Coster on his website

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