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Kenneth Cobonpue on the influence of nature on his work

“I believe that any form of art is reciprocated from nature... therefore it can also be translated into design. The earliest literary arts were about the most basic beings in nature. the Moon, the Stars, the Sun, Man and Woman. Everything follows the form, structure and flow of what is around you and our perception of it within. Whether it be a design for my next collection or a beautiful poem. Everything...”

Kenneth Cobonpue

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Tired of the winter blues? Check the bloom chair from Kenneth Cobonpue

Tired of the winter blues and shoveling the snow? I decided to escape the winter by browsing at Kenneth Cobonpue's website and marvel at his work and his new bloom chair. Handmade out of microfiber and stitched over a resin top with a steel base it comes in red, moss green, light green and yellow.

Kenneth Cobonpue is a Filipino industrial designer, graduate of the Pratt Institute for Industrial Design, and the receiver of many awards and recognitions. He uses natural materials and inspiration from his native Cebu to design minimalist furniture that combines traditional materials (rattan, bamboo, aluminum etc) with his industrial design training.
I like his minimalist style, the organic shapes, the natural materials, the bold design and the amazingly simple yet so sophisticated forms.
What do YOU like? Let me know.
If you are not sure and you want to find out more about Kenneth Cobonpue or see more of his work visit his fresh and sunny web site
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