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Operaen, the Kopenhagen Opera House

I am inspired ... the beauty and sophisticated design of the Kopenhagen Opera House, Operaen that opened its doors in January 2005.

... by the stunning beauty of the building as well as the beautiful interior design and artwork created by Danish based artists and designers.

I invite you to visit the links below and admire the unique design of the Operaen as I am not allowed to reproduce these images here.

According to the Opera's own web site the Opera totals 41,000 sq.metres. Five of the fourteen storeys are subterranean. The auditorium and foyer totals 7,000 sq. metres of the total 41,000 sq. metres. The building has more than 1000 rooms including several rehearsal rooms for the opera and ballet and a large orchestral rehearsal room. The main stage of The Opera seats an audience of approx. 1500, and Takkelloftet, the experimental stage, seats an audience of approx. 200.
The stage floor of the main stage and the five adjacent stages are constructed following a modular design where the individual elements can be mechanically wheeled from one stage to another to facilitate dynamic alternation between different opera or ballet set designs. The Opera also features a custom made ballet floor which is mechanically elevated from below prior to a ballet performance.

The award winning architect, Henning Larsen, was born in 1925 and graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, in Copenhagen in 1950. He founded Henning Larsen Architects in 1959. He is internationally renowned and has built many important buildings both in Denmark and abroad.

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