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12 extraordinary photo manipulated pictures

Photo manipulation is the art of digitally combining simple images with digital effects and/or textures in order to create a feeling, convey a message or just have fun. Photo manipulation is used extensively in advertising and produces stunning visual results and feelings, my preferred campaign is Lavazza's "espress yourself" campaign. Or photo manipulation is just used as a means of artistic expression for artists and designers alike.

Why do I like it so much? Because it is eye-catching, rich in textures and colors, complex in composition and visually interesting.

Here are 12 extraordinary images from 12 outstanding artists. Enjoy!

Guitar Splash | Gest0ert

Guitar Splash

So You Think You Can Splash | Stefanos Michaelides
So You Think You Can Splash

Colorful Nature Sounds | Cimoetz

colorful nature sounds

CD Cover 7 | Marcus Lorenzet 
CD Cover 7

Crescendo | Jesar One

Feel My Greatest Temptation | Fatkur Rokhim
feel my greatest temptation

Digital Skin | Benjamin Delacour
Digital Skin

Woman Souvenir | Alberto Seveso
Woman Souvenir

Nanopao | Thomas Kim and Benjamin Delacour

Life Stories | Umbrell4

EVE | Aryaz
Breakdancer | Wael.Hamdan
Camera Con Vista | Alberto Seveso
Camera Con Vista

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