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A New Web Site for Shelley Cowan

Shelley Cowan's Web SiteI am thrilled to share with you Shelley Cowan's new web site and beautiful logo. 

Shelley Cowan is a Communications Strategist, Anthropologist and Writer who consults companies such as P&G and Petoskey Plastics. She has been successfully working on this field for 20 years and managed to stay at the top of her game without a web site.  

Shelley approached De Novo with a vague idea about what she needed her web site to do. We spent a lot of time together analyzing her work and unraveling her competitive advantage. Together, we created a strategy that  will grow her reach while addressing her current needs.

It was an amazingly interesting experience that helped me realize how efficient communication and high quality content can make a great difference in a web site. Shelley's constant quest for perfection and accuracy in the use of language taught me to be more subtractive in the way I design myself.

Shelley wrote a wonderful testimonial that I would like to share with you:

"Maria is more than a terrific web designer; she is also a terrific communications strategist. She started by asking, "Why do you want a website?" "How do you expect people find you?" "What do you want them to do as a result?" She listened carefully and translated her understanding into a logo, layout and design in a way that felt a bit magical to me. It's an experience I highly recommend."

She even dedicated a blog to De Novo describing her experience of creating her own web site. You can read her "The Client's Shoes" blog here.

You can visit Shelley's web site at: or you can visit Shelley's blog at

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