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Design and the Elastic Mind

In 2008 MOMA presented the exhibit Design and the Elastic Mind and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to see it.
The exhibit covered various areas of design and how design is used by scientists today to translate and bring science closer to individuals, make complicate concepts easier to grasp and experience or interact with. There were approximately 50 projects varying from medicine, to the environment and 3D printing.
The exhibit was fascinating and it was complemented by an equally fascinating website. Designed by Yugo Nakamura, one of Japan's leading web designers and one of the most influential web designers in the world today, the website was highly interactive and provided for a very rich user experience.
In an interview, published last February at MOMA's own blog, Yugo Nakamura talks about the coneption and execution of the exhibition's website, as well as his personal design views, demonstrating his own elastic mind. Captivating both for web designers and curious minds!

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