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Gentle Breeze or the transformation of a static web site to an online business

I am very excited and want to share with you the launch of an e-commerce site for Gentle Breeze, the Hot Air Ballon company that flies all over the greater Cincinnati area. 

Brian Trapp and Laurie Givin, owners of Gentle Breeze, commented:  "Maria has done a wonderful job for us! ... She's taken the time to read or hear what we say we want, think about it, analyze it and come back to us with a solution! This is a refreshing experience... Wonderful job!" 

Gentle Breeze initially approached De Novo Dezign to create a 5 page, static, brochure type web site for their business. Over the past two years their web site has expanded to include detailed information about their fleet, flying and ballooning. More importantly we added extra functions to facilitate their day to day work and their marketing effort to expand their business, including social media interaction.

The last addition, to what now is a complete on line business, is their shopping cart where exclusive or group rides to metro flights and wedding flights are offered.

Other than the shopping cart the web site enjoys a Content Management System (CMS), complete customer database, e-mail marketing/newsletter and a blog.

Take a look at the cool design and who knows you may want to try a ride!

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